Castera Delva

February 6, 1955 ~ August 6, 2019 (age 64)

Castera Delva was ince, Haiti on February 6, 1955. He was one of the four children of Romilia Charles and Carole Delva, both of whom has since passed. After graduating from High school, Castera studied accounting and worked in this field until he left Haiti. He found the love of his life, Carole, in the late 70’s and married her in1985. After the birth of his first son and in order to provide a better life to his family, Castera left Haiti and settled in Miami. He was immediately followed by his wife who is smart because you don’t let such a handsome young man live by himself in Miami.
Many will remember Castera as a shy man, but he was one the most respectful men that this world has ever produced. His classmates at Sion SDA can testify to that. He has lived a peaceful life, as a good citizen and a good Christian, leaving a legacy that his wife, his children, and grandchildren may be proud of. He was living in the diaspora, but Haiti was always present in his heart. He always had news about Haiti to share with his brother in law, Dr. Kenol Aris, each time they met. He was hoping to see the new Haiti that every good Haitian hopes to see before they depart from this earth. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen. Indeed, on August 6, 2019 surprisingly while everybody in the family was expecting his recovery, his life was cut short.
Castera Delva is survived by wife: Carole Delva; children: Ralph Didier Delva, Stephanie Delva Joseph, and Clifford Delva; grandchildren: Kayla Sarai Kiara Rae, and Kiari Denae Joseph, siblings: Laurore Delva, Amarante Delva; son-in-law: Denaire Joseph; daughter-in-law: Felicia St. Clair Delva; brothers-in-law: Max Aris (and wife), Dr. Kenol Aris (and wife), and Carlo Aris (and wife); sisters-in-law: Emma, Nicole, and Myrtho Aris.
Dear Lord may thy kingdom come!

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