Isidor D Labranche

April 13, 1928 ~ March 18, 2018 (age 89)

Born in Saint-Louis-du-Nord, North- West of Haiti, on April 13, 1928, Isidor
Dieumifort Labranche was the son of Denis Labranche and Monique Altidor. He grew up in a family of 13 children. He went to Port-de-Paix to pursue his education but at the age of 22 years old, he relocated to Cap-Haitien to study the carpentry on the advice of his parents.  Four years later, he returned to Saint-Louis du Nord to start his own business as a carpenter and in this town he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior after listening to a sermon of Pastor/Doctor Orius Paultre. Pastor Paultre was the senior pastor of Beraca and Saint-Louis du Nord Baptist church. He became a  mentor and spiritual father for many years. He traveled back and forth from Saint Louis du Nord and La Pointe des Palmiste where he met his wife at the Annual Convention in 1954. It didn’t take him too long to propose and get married. From this union were born 4 children, two girls: Idiana and Lynda; and two boys: Marc and Lanaud. In 1956, he moved to Port-de-Paix and opened another carpentry shop to take care of his family. In 1964, he was hired by the government as a Tax Collector in La Vallée, a city located in La Tortue. He held his position for 10 years, then resigned and returned to Port-de-Paix to re-open his carpentry shop in order to take care of his family.  He became a member of Eben-Ezer Baptist Church and was
ordained as a deacon.  As a Lay Speaker he was responsible for three church
stations:  La Coupe, Nan Daniel and Gachina-Aubert, villages located not too far from Port-de-Paix. In 1974, he left Haiti and moved to the Bahamas in search of a better life for his family. He worked there for a while and came to Miami Florida in 1988.
Finally he moved to Orlando to be closer to his family. He joined the First Haitian Baptist Church of Orlando where he served as a deacon.  He became ill and was
admitted to Rosemont Rehabilitation Center, where he spent his last 10 years.
On Sunday, March18, 2018 at 89 years old and 11 months,
he was called Home to be with the Lord. He was survived by:
His spouse:  Mrs. Virginie Oriscar Labranche
His children: Dougé Labranche,  Mrs. Idiana Labranche-Louis, Dr. Marc Labranche, Pastor Lanaud Labranche, Mrs. Lynda Labranche-Joseph and Mrs. Marieta Labranche Duclos
His sons and daughters-in-law:  Mrs. Mireille Labranche, Ingineer Armand Louis, Mrs. Marie-Alice Forgue-Labranche, Mrs. Marie Vita Emile-Labranche,
Mr. Jean-Hérard Joseph and Pastor Anthony Duclos
His sister:  Mrs. Marie Labranche
His  brother-in-law: Saint-Pierre Nicolas
His grand-children: Dodger, Roger, Wilson, David, and Milanda Labranche, Mr. Evens Atis, Dr. Farah Armande L. Atis,  Mr Donald Vertus, Dr. Flavie Mikarmande Louis Vertus,  Dr. Marc- Edouard Louis, Ms. Farajee Louis, Armanda Diana Louis, Jeff Marc Monroe, Marc Junior, Bianka Marsha, Mindy Vita, Lorna , Belinda Virginie, Linsley Herald, Bertaly Miochi, Bertalyne Mindali, Marc and Meguy Duclos
His great-great children:  Airyanna, Aniyah, Courtney D., Jeremiah, Sariah, Christelle Alissa, Jade Aria, Derek Armand, Eden Vita Donatien and Sabrina
His nephews and nieces: Orianne Gardiner, Bresnelt, Ansley, Cleaford and Wadson Nicolas, Wenchel Joseph, Labranche, Floria Labranche and family,
Fritznel Labranche and family, Sylveta Petit-Blanc and family, Dieuvinette and family, Lise Mona Dorvil, Sister Roselène Dorvil, Roniel Oriscar, Jean-Marie Oriscar, Lunes Oriscar and family Immacula, Labranche, Amos Labranche, Kendly Labranche, Kenly Labranche, Kenny Labranche, Stacey Labranche, Vanine Labranche, Dieuvilon Labranche, Atilia Labranche, Yella  Louis and family, Lisbonne Florestale and Michelet Oriscar and Felix Eugene, Pastor David Eugene & family
His cousins: Tanis Labranche and family, Célestin Pierre, Carole  Marialta, Jean Rémy,  Myriame et Chrismène Clerveaux, Nuclas Mesidor, Helen Jean-Mesidor
Sympathy and prayer to the following families: Labranche, Oriscar, Altidor, Dalcé, Louis,  Emile, Joseph, Pierre, Gardiner, Duclos, Vertus, Atis, Siméon, Phillipe, Alexandre, Clerveaux, Narcisse, Forgue, Dorvil, Almonor, Eugène and a host of other friends and family affected by this loss.


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