Michel Jean- Charles

June 13, 1964 ~ June 4, 2018 (age 53)

On June 13, 1964 on the Island of Haiti in the settlement of Anse-a-Foleur, a bouncing baby boy was born to Celita Petit-Frere and Minocal Jean-Charles; they named him Michel Jean-Charles. As a toddler his grandfather nick-named him,“Boudou” because he was chubby. Life was hard growing up in Haiti, so his mother left for the Bahamas and Michel was sent to live with his father. As a young man growing up in Haiti employment was difficult, thus causing him to search for a better way of life.

With the aid of his mother (now deceased), he migrated to the Bahamas where he found a job as a barber; he was very famous among the population especially the Haitian community. Like any other young man, he started a family, and had a daughter by the name of Kerline whom he loved dearly. It was apparent to him that he could not sustain a family on a barber’s salary, so he went into construction where he learnt numerous skills. Michel’s love for his family was very touching. He would use half of his salary to assist his other siblings in Haiti, and any other family members who were less fortunate. Even then, he knew that life could be better.

In 1991, his desire for a better life led him to take his only child at the time, Kerline, and they moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.The mother of his child later joined him, and they gave birth to their second child Michael Jean-Charles (now deceased). They later married. Even then Michel continued to provide for his family.

He obtained a job at Joes Crab Shack but didn’t stop there. Michel then began to take on the skill of construction, and after working numerous construction projects he became a man sought out by many General Contractors.

Working in the construction industry, he met and helped numerous people, thus gaining not only their respect but their friendship. Anyone that had the pleasure of meeting Michel knew that he was a funny man that always made you laugh. Even through it all, he always tried his best to help his friends and family. He gained the nickname “Bounda Chire” (meaning he don’t have a penny in his back pocket) because he was always helping others. After the death of his son, Michel became so depressed that friends and family had to console him daily.

He later divorced his first wife shortly after. In 2017, he married his 2nd wife, Ludia Eugene from Port-de-Paix, Haiti. Being the hardworking man that he was, he would wake up early every morning to go to his construction job. Until June 4, 2018 during the early hours of the morning, the lord called him home to be with the angels.

Left To Cherish His Memories:

Wife: Lidia Eugene-Jean-Charles; Three Grand Children;Two Daughters: Kerline and Michelia Jean-Charles; Two Sons: Kesly and Maksonley Jean-Charles; Brothers: Jean-Claude Moise, Willy Petit-Frere, Felixon Joseph, Sovet, Charley, and Gesnet Jean-Charles; Sisters: Sylveta Petit-Frere, Roselen Petit-Frere, Elsie Petit-Frere, Chrislene Estassaint, and Ticame; Nephews: James Yonel, Marlon Yonel, Jayson Yonel, Frederick Yonel, Valentino Yonel, Joselito Yonel, Emmanuel Yonel, Richard Pierre, Willy Petit-Frere Jr, Kameron Petit-Frere, Claudy Prophete, Winde Mauricette, Loude Mauricette, Wingy Mauricette, Mizonde Mauricette, Zonley Mauricette, Kevin Newton Jr, Aiden Yonel; Nieces: Joana, Julia, Jerzulia, Julianne, Celinda Yonel, Rikencia Nelson, Alina Nelson, Katty Prophete, Keneta Prophete, T’mya and Faith Delva, Odessiny, Dominique, Sapphire Petit-Frere, Nishan, Yukari, Khloe, Felia Joseph, Ziona Yonel, Nollie Mauricette, Nolda Mauricette, Chamin Mauricette, and Kevanique Newton; Cousins: Marizette Petit-Frere, Chantal Petit-Frere, Rosette Etiene, Lavita Papillon, Liphandiue Petit-Frere, Ketlie Monsiure, Ketlen Monsiure, Nelson Petit-Frere, Jeffery Petit-Frere, Ciana Petit-Frere, Roselette Petit-Frere , Benjy Papillon, Anslo Petit-Frere, Florence Petit-Frere, Watson Papillon, Mizelia Petit-Frere, Rita Petit-Frere, Velene Petit-Frere, Cidalese Petit-Frere, Wonell Mauricette, Elyona Mauricett, Jimmy Mauricett, Clautid Mauricett, Asela Petit-Frere, Dieufet Petit-Frere, Odeles Petit-Frere, Asen Petit-freer, Makedi Petit-Freire, Cindy Petit-Frere, Mizelia Josey, Delife Mauricett, madam Piereles Petit-Frere, Roselia Josey, Awel Joseye, Lilly Petit-Frere, Wolan Petit-Frere, Rosetta Petit-Frere, Viola Petit-Frere, Visita Petit-Frere, Navita Petit-Frere, Keli Petit Frere, Pascal Petit-Frere, Mack Petit-Frere, Limage Petit-Frere, Gertrude Petit-Frere,  Freda Petit-Frere, Madam Flerison Petit-Frere, Odle Petit-Frere, Jodie Petit-Frere, Charley Jean-Charles, Solanje Jean-Charles, Jean Jean-Charles, Amerita Jean-Charles, Camilita Jean-Charles, Evana Mauricett, Ketya Petit-Frere, Cirelma Joseye, Clauseye Petit-Frere, Natan Jean-Charles, Talis Jean-Charles, Talans Jean-Charles, James Petit-Frere, Mikanol Petit-Frere, Renal Petit-Frere, Belizaire Jean-Charles, Mimose Jean-Charles, Nevalen Jean-Charles, Nanet Jean-Charles, Anita Joseye, Lorison Joseye, Charley Joseye, Clotal Mauricett, Frisnel Mauricett, Ketlie Mauricett, Jela Jean-Charles, Chrisyan Joseye, Yaya Jean-Charles, Fanyel Joseye, Leseyo Joseye, Anesta Joseye, Jean-Claude Jean-Charles, Jelda Jean-Charles, Joseph Jean-Charles, Timino Jean-Charles, Ceiltan Petit-Frere and many more numerous cousins. Friends and Family: Ramses Papion, Claude Prophete, Management and staff of Guard Force Security, Sandra Michael, Management and staff of Protech Caulkin and Water Proofing, Management and Staff of Proietto Painting, Broward Medical Examiner’s Office, Grace Funeral Home, Fort Lauderdale Police Department and Broward County Sheriff Department


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