Therese Saintil Regisma

July 3, 1942 ~ August 2, 2018 (age 76)

We are all born, we live and die. This is a natural law established by God because of our sin and I quote Genesis 2 verse 17, “but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat from it you will surely die”. Say the Lord.

Therese S. Regisma was born in the North West part of Haiti on July 3rd, 1942.She was the second child of a family of six, where many have since passed away. She was the daughter of Mr. Odias Saintil and Mrs. Louiceline Louijeune, both of regretted memory. In 1980 she migrated to the United States of America looking for better opportunities for her family. The Lord blessed her with seven children: Luzette, Wilsaint, Bernard, Fritz, Wilner, Rosette and Loubinn Regisma. After granted her green card in 1986, she was too weak economically to migrate all of her kids to the US, but courageously she fought and migrate them three by three.

She was very intelligent, kind, gentle and pleasant to everyone. She was a lover, a giver, a listener, a courageous woman, and big tree with many branches. Death is not the end of life, for her love will go on amongst her children, her family and friends long after she is gone. Today she falls, but she will be revived because she has plenty of roots that will regrow, and her legacy will stay in the hearts of her children forever. 

Our sincere condolence goes to:

Children: Luzette, Wilsaint, Bernard, Fritz, Wilner, Rosette and Loubinn Regisma; Sisters & Brother: Claudius, Carmene and Adilia Saintil; Daughters & Sons in Law: Irlande, BienAimise, Laurette, Marie Chandeline Regisma,Yves Donnas and Jean Gille Ocgenor; Grandchildren: Jean Martin (and his wife), Berne Suze (and her husband), Jessica (and her husband), Berlin,Willine ,Kerlande, Nadeline, Nadler, Sonson ,Roberta, Shlimbert, Andeline, Fritzley, Jumel, John, Levine, Fradlinx Regisma; Cindy Nelson; Sherlgie and Jamesly Ocgenor; Cousins: Sauveur, Nevastor,Marie- Claude, Francion, Dumercy, Dieusel, Yolette, Wilson Franck ,Guirlaine ,Elvita, Ernst, Wisny, Almaide Saintil ;Madelaine, Ronald Geffrard, Sirilien Alvenat, Franck Salomon, Marilaine, Guirlande Moise, Sonia Saint hilaire and her husband, Ferdilus, Anide,Wilmine,  Natacha Petit-Frere; Yrvana Jean Charles; Great grandchildren: Maya, Miami, Christopher, Keyler, Jordan, Omari and Zephenia; her nephews & nieces; Friends: Yvarna Jean- Charles, Wiler Momprevil, Madame Michael Valcin, Madame Sauveur Saintil. Rock Solid Baptist Church and to all of her immediate family that her death has affected.

Therese was known for her kind nature, selflessness, and quite strength; something that was seen even as she faced and endured many health difficulties in her lifetime. She had a great sense of humor and is remembered as someone who always had an infectious smile on her face. Her most treasured possessions were her family and her faith in God.

Peace to her soul and she will be miss!!!!!!!!



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